Marketing Magic Cube

Larger advertising area and custom marketing information at will with removable POP stand design
Removable POP stand design

Standing as attachment

There will be place for it even on narrow counters
Code-scanning is available without counters
Adjusting scanning distance and angle
Adapting to all kinds of cashier

Versatile interactions

High-resolution LCD color screen of display for customers, showing payment amount and status and supporting custom voice announcement with clear interactions.
Display of the color screen can be customized
Spine scanning and locating to provide convenient scanning and to eliminate dead angles

Small but useful

Simple and light

Various deployments

Flexible location

Unique POP advertising positions

Marketing magic cube at will

  • Hardware parameters

  • Supported ports: USB2.0 *1, RJ45 (network) *1 with better resistance
    Supported system: No limit of operating system
  • Input voltage: 5V
    Working current: 2A(average)
    against light interference Strong