Develop a New Ecology of Mobile Payment

Inspiry is a company providing mobile payment terminals and system services. It is committed to the innovation of software and hardware technologies and applications forintelligent payment to accelerate the evolution of mobile payment.

Pioneering in Self-Service Payments
Founded in 2002, as a pioneer in the technology development and application innovation of image recognition, Inspiry took the lead in exploring the mobile phone QR-code technology solution and launched the first self-service QR-code payment device-- Inspiry Smart Box. Up to now, the new self-service QR-code payment and supported technology provided by Inspiry have covered all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China
Providing Services for Innovators
The company is currently the partner of Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, Meituan and other enterprises, and is working with China's major mobile payment service providers to stimulate innovative solutions in various industries and scenarios, providing convenient, reliable, secure and efficient mobile payment terminals and system services for at least one million merchants, and ultimately realizing the cashless and cardless society
Inspiring payment intelligence
In the fields of image recognition and intelligent hardware, Inspiry has accumulated a history of basic research and technology application exploration for up to 18 years. Based on a deep understanding of offline payment behavior, Inspiry integrates cutting-edge technologies such as AI, BI, biometrics with fintech and Internet of Things applications to accelerate the improvement of offline mobile payment service quality
INSPIRY INSPOS provides fast, simple, and secure one-stop mobile payment solutions for merchants, through intelligent payment terminal systems that integrated software and hardware, and cutting-edge technologies such as face recognition

INSPOS is widely compatible and precisely paired with both desktop POS (desktop cash register) and handheld POS for mobile payment implementation or payment upgrade at any time. Currently, INSPOS is compatible with all the mainstream desktop POS terminals on the market, making it easy to upgrade cash registers

Inspiry Smart Box

A classic mobile payment device for ten years

Supporting the major payment platforms, the business practices with a

deep insight into the trend of scanning payment interaction,a deep

understanding of offline payment requirements and multi-industry,

100 % multi-scene multi-year experience, compatible with nearly 100% POS

10 software Compatible with popular POS software

Any industry

Any scenario

Any customization

With deep insight into the business trends of offline scanning payment Inspiry provides diversified QR-code scan service and solution to business partners with customized product design using software and hardware technology. So far, the solutions have been widely used in supermarket, catering, medical, travel, entertainment, exhibition and other service scenarios

Dedicated to 50 million small and medium business operators in the world
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