IOT Terminal Management Platform
—— Intelligent terminal management services, tracking the real-time usage status of terminals
IOT platform realizes cloud management intelligent terminal, which greatly reduces the cost of operation management, and enables to intelligently track terminal operation. The IOT platform generates data reports in real-time to facilitate early warning of potential risks such as failures. It adjusts and optimizes the management work plan of terminal operation, to maintain the efficient operation of all intelligent terminals. IOT platform has capability to customize the audio and video of intelligent terminals. One-click release can fully cover all intelligent terminals, enhance the consumer interaction experience, and form an exclusive brand influence.
Operation Management Platform
——Conveniently managing the account situation of each store and improving operation management, efficiently and fast
The platform provides business management and device management. Merchants could acquire business status of each store, get transaction information and analyze business data through a variety of methods such as PC and APP, to improve customer experience and loyalty, management efficiency and save operating costs.
The platform can be deployed flexibly in different scenarios. The standardized access specifications of mobile payment terminal service significantly reduce operational management costs. The self-developed multi-level management and rapid application integration capability model, and efficient and complete establishment of mobile payment supporting solutions, enable clients to quickly expand payment scenarios.
INSPOS Client Software
——Compatible with a variety of operating systems and POS software, smart and convenient
INSPOS Client integrates with the mainstream cash register software in the market, safely, quickly and accurately, for different application scenarios, to realize the upgrade of old cash register and enable mobile payment to deploy. The unique customer display technology automatically takes the payment amount from the cash register software. The intelligent cash register function reduces human-computer interaction and greatly improves the payment collection experience. It perfectly realizes the transformation from old cash register to the intelligent cash register

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