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Inspiry is a company providing mobile payment terminals and system services. It is committed to the innovation of software and hardware technologies and applications for intelligent payment to accelerate the evolution of mobile payment. With the joint promotion of fintech, cutting-edge technology and Internet applications, Inspiry believes that the cashless society will be realized not only in China, but also globally.

Founded in 2002, as a pioneer in the technology development and application innovation of image recognition, Inspiry took the lead in exploring the mobile phone QR-code technology solution and launched the first self-service QR-code payment device-- Inspiry Smart Box.Up to now, the new self-service QR-code payment mode and supported technology provided by Inspiry have covered all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China

In the fields of image recognition and intelligent hardware, Inspiry has accumulated a history of basic research and technology application exploration for up to 18 years.Based on a deep understanding of offline payment behavior, Inspiry integrates cutting-edge technologies such as AI, BI, biometrics with fintech and Internet of Things applications to accelerate the improvement of offline mobile payment service quality

and other enterprises, and is working with China's major mobile payment service providers to stimulate innovative solutions in various industries and scenarios, providing convenient, reliable, secure and efficient mobile payment terminals and system services for at least one million merchants, and ultimately realizing the cashless and cardless society.

Company Milestones
Management Team
Wang Yue Founder and President
Wang Yue is the first person to promote the research and development of the QR-code technology at the national level in China. In 2003, he invented a fast QR-code reader engine with completely independent intellectual property rights. Between 2005 and 2006, Inspiry developed the Han Xin code which is the first national QR-code standard in China and now serves as an ISO international standard. In 2010, Inspiry created an application utilizing Han Xin code for the scanning of national tax invoices.In the application of mobile QR-code, Wang Yue has also clinched many firsts. In 2006, Wang Yue along with his team mapped out the mobile barcode application specifications applicable throughout China, and originated identification solutions for barcodes, QR-code and images on mobile phones, which was a groundbreaking move in the application of mobile QR-code. In 2008, Wang Yue created a self-service QR-code reader which was applied in such areas as card and voucher write-off, financial payment, electronic ticketing, and event attendance tracking.In 2014, Wang Yue entered the upsurge of mobile payment with his first self-service code scanner, Inspiry Smart Box. Now, the payment mode of self-service code scanning set by Inspiry Smart Box has become a mainstream offline mobile payment solution across Mainland China. Wang Yue believes that the dawn of a cashless society globally is imminent driven by financial technology and digital services. Particularly in developing countries and regions in Southeast and South Asia, the spread of QR-code-based payment will serve as a turning point in the growth of their financial industries. This way, more people can enjoy the positive changes that technological innovation brings.In 2017, Wang Yue was named “Pioneer of the Year” by Southern Weekly. Southern Weekly praised Wang Yue’s unyielding commitment to developing mobile payment technology and his tenacity in leading innovation, saying that “Wang Yue, being the first to venture into the domain of QR-code technology, proves to be a man of great vision and foresight in our era.
Guan Heng, COO
Guan Heng (COO of Inspiry, also Honorary Lecturer at Tencent University, previously Sales & Marketing Manager at Sony Mobile Communications). As the earliest advocate of self-checkout models in the mobile payments industry, Guan initiated a partnership model in which service providers of basic mobile payments infrastructure and third-party payment platforms work together. This propelled the industrial upgrading for and accelerated the proliferation of offline mobile payments. Under the leadership of Guan Heng, Inspiry collaborates closely with industry leaders including WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay, Meituan, Shouqianba and QFPay.
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